About Us

Floral Marketing Solutions provides exceptional leadership in sales, marketing and distribution of premium eco-friendly products for the gardening industry, providing innovative, full-service solutions adhering to the highest standards of quality and value.

Since our beginning our success has been based on a set of enduring values established by our founders.

  • We are committed to understanding and fulfilling the evolving needs of our customers through innovation and outstanding customer service.

  • We are a growing, profitable entrepreneurial company.

  • We foster initiative, personal dignity, mutual respect and trust in an open participative team environment empowering employees and challenging them to continuously improve the quality of everything they do.

  • We accept personal responsibility for our actions and will conduct our affairs to the highest ethical standards.

  • We embrace our responsibility for stewardship of the environment.

  • We will re-invest in our business to increase the Company's long-term value for the benefit of all stakeholders; customers, employees, suppliers and shareholders.

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