One of the areas that has seen the most significant and rapid changes in recent years has been the sustainable plant packaging. In North America alone, billions of plastic pots are used each year. In an attempt to move away from the environmentally unfriendly plastic containers greenhouse suppliers have sought a huge variety of materials to make biodegradable eco-friendly grower pots. While there are certainly strides to be made in eco friendly packaging, Floral Marketing Solutions' new ground-breaking Ecotainer is positioned to make a difference.

The Ecotainer is a new, unique and environmentally friendly product made from Plastarch (PSM), which uses starch as it's main ingredient. Plastarch is a complete degradation material and is unique in terms of mechanical performance such as rigidity, flexibility, ductility and elasticity.

The sustainability industry grows in leaps and bounds with each that passes. The Ecotainer offers growers a solution that gives them the benefit and business advantage they need at a competitive price to set themselves apart as innovative and eco-friendly.

New product now available!

The new Eco Seeding Tray is now available! Click here for our new product brochure!

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