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Floral Marketing Solutions is a premium supplier of innovative and eco-friendly products. We provide green solutions for growers and consumers alike. Please take some time to browse our website to see what we are about and what exciting products we have to offer. Thank you for visiting and we encourage you to visit regularly as we are continually developing new products.

Message from the CEO

A message from Gail Cameron, CEO:

The greenhouse and retail industry are placing more emphasis on the sustainability front now more than ever. As an industry we are seeing retail chains, buyers and consumers request more eco friendly and sustainable products and solutions from growers. Nursery owners are looking for green solutions that are both cost and production efficient and can set themselves apart from the competition.

At Floral Marketing Solutions we embrace our responsibility for stewardship of the environment. Bearing this in mind, our sole focus is on providing eco-friendly products for both the green house and retail industry.

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