Water Solutions is a convenient way for plant enthusiasts and amateurs alike to save time, water and money.

Each Water Solutions "tea bag" contains a mix of natural slow-release nutrients and water-absorptive granules that hold up to 400 times their weight in water. That water is then slowly released back into the soil (typically allowing for double the time between usual waterings), allowing plants to continue to draw the essential moisture without any additional labour on the part of the plant owner. The biodegradable paper "tea bag" makes placement of this water wick easy, and takes away the hassle of teaspoons and measuring.

Water Solutions gives 95% of the water back to the root system and is a great source of nutrients. Each "tea bag" is able to absorb and release water back to the plant for a minimum of 3 months. In addition to this, each "tea bag" also contains a slow-release natural fertilizer with enough nutrients to nourish a 6" potted plant or hanging basket annual for 3 months.

All of the components of this package are completely biodegradable, and are suitable for a variety of applications, including annuals, perennials, indoor plants, hanging baskets, shrubs and tree seedlings.

Water Solutions is available as a convenient 5 pack for retail or in bulk bags of 1,000 "tea bags" for the greenhouse production purposes.

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